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When you have a missing or broken tooth, and no dental coverage or other means to see a dentist, you’re pretty much on your own. Even one lost or broken tooth can preoccupy your mind and frustrate you on a daily basis, especially if others can see that it’s missing when you talk or smile.

I freaked out when I lost a front tooth one night just before I had to  go to work  on the night shift. I was like, no way, that’s not going to happen.  The first thing that came to mind was to replace the missing tooth with some acrylic powder that I had used a few years ago to build some small hand models out of copper wire and acrylic. So that’s what I did.

When I went to work that night, you could’t tell the difference between my real teeth and the one that I built that night.  I didn’t have dental coverage, so I was relieved to know that I could make realistic looking teeth at home on my own. Once I new how to fix a missing or broken tooth, it took the pressure off of worrying about my smile.  I didn’t have great teeth in the first place, and so my smile was not one of my strong points, but I got by.

I think the typical reaction to working on your own teeth is, “No way, I’m going to mess around and hit a  nerve”. Well, in the first place, nerves are sensitive to air. That’s when you get a zing of pain . Seal off the air with acrylic and that stops it instantly. I know that much from experience.  Stopping my toothache had nothing to do with working on my teeth. The fact is I never experienced any sort of pain from adding acrylic to my teeth.

Even a small amount of broken tooth that is sticking out of the gum can be used as a post to restore the tooth back to its whole shape using acrylic. The broken tooth and the root act as an anchor for the acrylic to bond to and from there its just a matter of shaping it to your liking. If there is an adjacent tooth that is stronger, you can even bond it to that tooth as well to strengthen it further.

All of this has to do with appearance only.  It does nothing to remedy or cure any underlying problems.

In any case, if you’re on this site, you’re  probably years from having last visited a dentist and more concerned with how to fix the appearance of your broken smile. So, go to the My Story…. page and enjoy the site. Thanks again.

DIY Tooth Repair. Fix a missing or broken tooth at home.